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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Discuss The Ulangan Akhir Bersama For 8 Semester 1

Tahun Ajaran 2011/2012
Date of Test : Wednesday, December 07, 2011
1.       Dewi      : It is raining. Let’s play outside!
Arya       : Oh, that’s not a good idea. We will get fever.
The underlined sentences means … .
A.      Agreement
B.      Disagreement
C.      Certainty
D.      Uncertainty
Answer : B, because Oh, that’s not a good idea. There is  not on it. It means Arya is not agree with Dewi.
2.       Receptionist       : … ?
Mr. Hadi               : Yes, please! I need a VIP room for two nights.
Receptionist       : Single or double one?
Mr. Hadi               : Single, Please!
A.      Can you help me?
B.      Can I help you?
C.      Do you help me?
D.      Do I need  a help?
Answer : B, because Mr. Hadi said: Yes,please! I need a VIP room for two nights. So the receptionist said : Can I help you?
3.       A: May I help you to carry those books?
B : … I can do it my self
A.      Yes, thank you
B.      Sure
C.      Of course
D.      No, thanks
Answer : D, because B said : I can do it myself , it means B can do by himself without someone ‘s help.
4.       Angga   : Happy birthday to you. I hope, everything is nice for you.
Boby      : … .
A.      Thank you
B.      Don’t worry
C.      It’s okay
D.      Not really
Answer :  A, because :  it’s congratulation expression, If someone say congratulation to us or other we must say Thank you.
5.       Yahya    : … for your success. I am proud of you.
Yanuar  : Thank you
A.      Oh my God
B.      Congratulation
C.      What a day
D.      How nice it is
Answer : B, because it is congratulation expression.

6.       Galang  : This river is deep enough.
Jimmy   : … it is dangerous to swim here.
A.      You are wrong
B.      I don’t think so
C.      That’s right
D.      It doesn’t matter
Answer : C, because it’s opinion expression, if we agree we can say in positive meaning like ; That’s right, You are rright etc.
7.       Ikhsan   : Why don’t you come to my house?
Robby   : … I repaired my bike all days yesterday.
A.      I am sorry
B.      It doesn’t matter
C.      It is not interested thing
D.      Forget it, please!
Answer: A, because Robb had a busy activity yesterday, it ‘s repaired his bike. So He didn’t come to Ikhsan ‘s house.
8.       Soni       : Dito, what about going to the beach?
Dito        : Why not, It is a good Idea.
Soni       : Let’s ask Eka and Anis.
The underlined sentence shows … an invitation.
A.      Refusing
B.      Accepting
C.      Agreeing
D.      Disagreeing
Answer: B, It’s accepting an invitation, see Why not means mengapa tidak , It is a good idea means sebuah ide yang bagus. So it means Soni invited Dito.
9.       Rudi       : Are you free to day?
Bayu      : yes, What’s up?
Rudi       : Let’s fishing to the Tawangmangu waterfall!
Bayu      : Great Friend.
The bold phrase means he … .
A.      Refuse his invitation
B.      Apologizes to his friend
C.      Accept his friend invitation
D.      Declines his friend’s invitation
Answer: C, because Bayu said: Great Friend. It means Bayu accepted Rudi invitation.
10.   Aris        : by the way , are you free now?
Luki        : Yes, what’s up?
Aris        : Would you like to come to my birthday party?
Luki        : … what time will the party begin?
Aris        : at 7 p.m.
Luki        : thanks for inviting me.
A.      That’s the problem
B.      No, I disagree about that
C.      Well done
D.      You are welcome
Answer: C, because Luki accepted the Aris’s  invitation.
Txt for no.11,12,13
Andy     : Would you like to go to the theatre tomorrow?
Tiara      : That sounds interesting, can you pick me up?
Andy     : Yes, of course, at seven o’clock sharp.
Tiara      : At what time the play begin?
Andy     : I think it will play at eight. What if we have dinner after that?
Tiara      : That will be Ok. Where will it be?
Andy     : At happy Restaurant.
Tiara      : OK, but how will we go?
Andy     : By motorcycle.
Tiara      : All right. See you then.

11.   Where will they go tomorrow?
A.      To the party
B.      To the theatre
C.      To the park
D.      To the mall
Answer B, because in dialogue Andy said : Would you like to go to the theatre tomorrow? To Tiara.
12.   When will they go?
A.      Tomorrow
B.      This afternoon
C.      This evening
D.      Next week
Answer: A, because Andy invited Tiara , tomorrow. See what andy said.
13.   When will they have dinner?
A.      Before watching the play
B.      After the conversation
C.      After watching the play
D.      Before the conversation
Answer: C, because Andy said : I think it will play at eight. What if we have dinner after that? And Tiara accepted Andy ‘s inviting. See what Tiara said next.
Text for no.14
Dear Rani,
I’d to congratulate you on becoming the first winner in the speech cotest.
You really deserved to get it.
14.   Why does Rio send the card? Because he … .
A.      Wants to inform Rani about the contest result
B.      Wishes Rani be successful in the contest
C.      Wants Rani to join the speech contest
D.      Wants to congratulate Rani
Answer: D, because on the Rio’s letter he said: I’d like to congratulate …(see the letter)

Short message:
From Meri
2:56 p.m.
Good afternoon, Evi, hw r u?
Hw is the work coming along?
Do u think u still need my advice?
If so, pls meet u 2dy as we planned.
I can’t meet u 2dy as we planned
I hv 2 go 2 see a doctor. Sorry. bye

15.   Why does Meri cancel her plan to meet Evi that afternoon? Because … .
A.      Evi is sick
B.      She needs advice
C.      Evi has something to do
D.      She has to see her doctor
Answer: D, because she had to see a doctor. She the short message last line.
16.   The purpose of the text is to … .
A.      Ask for information
B.      Ask for confirmation
C.      Tell about someone’s condition
D.      Inform someone about the changing of the meeting time
Answer: D, because Meri cancel the meesting see line 5 and 6.

Text for No. 17 and 18
Sender: Arman(+6281393264531)
Hi, Seno. How’s life? I’d decided to accept you invitation to visit u this holiday. So, can u pick me at the bus station? Thxb4.
PS: reply soon

17.   From the text we know that … .
A.      Arman refused the invitation
B.      Seno ever invited Arman to visit him
C.      Arman will go to Seno’s city by car
D.      Arman and Seno are new friends
Answer: B, see sentence : I’d decided to accept …”
18.   The short message is written to … .
A.      Tell about the sender ‘s departure
B.      Ask for information about the receiver’s arrival
C.      Tell about the sender’s holiday experience
D.      Inform that the sender accept the invitation
Answer : D, see sentence: … I’d decided to accept your invitation…”
Text for 19,20, 21
Last Sunday morning, my familyand I went to Salira Beach. We left for the beach at eight o’clock in the morning. We went there by car. It took two hour to reach the beach.
When we arrived at the beach, there were already many people there. Some of them played with water, swam, and the others, mostly children, built sand castles. Then, we joined them playing with water and sand. We enjoyed our holiday.
19.   How was the situation in Salira Beach when the writer arrived? It was … .
A.      Very quiet
B.      Crowded
C.      Fantastic
D.      Nice
Answer: B, because see the sentence line3. …there were already many people there.”
20.   When did the writer arrive at the beach?
A.      At 8 a.m.
B.      At 9 a.m.
C.      At 10 a.m.
D.      At 11 a.m.
Answer: C, see sentence: We left for the beach at eight o’clock in the morning. We went there by car. It took two hour to reach the beach.
21.   “We left for the beach at eight o’clock in the morning” (paragraph 1)
The phrase “left for” means … .
A.      Participated
B.      Departed
C.      Arrived
D.      Stayed
Answer : B, left for synonym wit depature means berangkat
Text for no 22, 23 and 24
Last holiday, my classmates and I went on a trip to see Grojogan Sewu waterfall. We left from school at seven in the morning. We arrived on the waterfall site at nine o’clock.
It was a nice place. Especially the waterfall. It was so high, not less than 100 meters tall. The air was fresh and the water from up was so clear and cool. Some of us played with water and the other  just watched the scenery and sang songs together.
At noon, we had lunch together. At about 3 pm we left for home. We were happy.
22.   The text is telling about … .
A.      A long vacation
B.      A boring experience
C.      The Grojogan Sewu waterfall
D.      A nice holiday experience
Answer: D, see the first sentence.
23.   The main idea of the paragraph one is … .
A.      The situation is Grojogan Sewu waterfall
B.      What the students did on the site
C.      The students’trip last holiday
D.      How the students left on their holiday
Answer:  C, (clear)
24.   How long did the students spend their time at Grojogan Sewu waterfall?
A.      Two hours
B.      Four hours
C.      Six hours
D.      Seven hours
Answer: A, see sentence We left from school at seven in the morning. We arrived on the waterfall site at nine o’clock.
Text No. 25,26,27
Last week, my parent, sister brother and I went to the zoo. We went there for recreation. We left at 6 am and arrived there at 8 am. The zoo is about a hundred kilometers from my house.
There wre a lot of people watching a giant snake. The snake was there for a bout aweek. It is 9 meters long. I thought it was the biggest snake I had ever seen. After going around and watching various animals, we went home.
25.   The writer went to the zoo wuth her … .
A.      Parents
B.      Sister
C.      Brother
D.      Family
Answer: D, see sentence line one.
26.   What is special in the zoo?
A.      Rare animals
B.      A giant snake
C.      Various animals
D.      Animals’ attraction
Answer: B, see sentence on paragraph two.
27.   “after going around watching various animals, we went home.” (paragraph 2)
The underlined word means … .
A.      Different
B.      Similar
C.      Wild
D.      Tame
Answer:A, various means bermacam-macam. Various animals : bermacam macam binantang.
Text for no 28,29,30
                Mr. Johan is a soldier. He is very tall. He is not fat. His wife is a teacher. She is thin and not tall. Her hair is black and wavy. She wears glasses. Mr. Johan has two children. They are Elly and Ridwan. Elly is thin like her mother. But her hair isn’t wavy. It is straight like her father’s. Ridwan is very tall. He is fat. His skin is black like his father. Mr. Johan, his wife and his children like sports. They usually do sports on Sunday morning.
28.   According to the text, we know that Mr. Johan’s hair is … .
A.      Wavy
B.      Straight
C.      Black and wavy
D.      Curly
Answer: C, see sentence line one and two.
29.   They usually do sport on Sunday morning (the last sentence)
The word they in the sentence refers to … .
A.      Elly and Ridwan
B.      Mr. and Mrs. Johan
C.      Mr Johan and his children
D.      Mr Johan, his wife and his children
Answer: D, see sentence:…. Mr. Johan, his wife and his children like sports. They usually do sports on Sunday morning.
30.   X: How many people are there in the text?
Y: They are … people in the text
A.      One
B.      Two
C.      There
D.      Four
Answer: D, because there are Mr.Johan, his wife and his children, Elly and Ridwan.
31.   What is Ridwan like?
A.      He is small
B.      He is fat
C.      He is short
D.      He is thin
Answer: B, see sentence line three.
32.   This animal has one or two horns on its nose. It has thick skin and eyes, It has four short fat legs. This animal is a/an … .
A.      Rhinoceros
B.      Elephant
C.      Zebra
D.      Giraffe
Answer: A. see the picture of rhinoceros

33.   This animal has four legs and eats grass. The color of its fur is stripped black and white. This animal is … .
A.      Rhinoceros
B.      Elephant
C.      Zebra
D.      Giraffe
Answer: C, see the picture of Zebra

Text for no. 34,35,36,37
Emma is a(34) … .years old girl. She is not very tall, and not very short either. She (35)… at Junior High School. Her(36)…are corresponding, listening to music and collecting stamps. She is (37) … English course because English (38) …. Important and she wants to improve her English.
34.   A. sxty                  B. forty six                           C. forty                D. fourteen
Answer : D, because she is Junior high school
35.   A. studies              B. study                               C. studying          D. studied
Answer: A, because simple present.
36.   A. hobbies            B. subjects                           C. hobby              D. subject
37.   A. take                  B. takes                              C. taking               D. took
Answer: C, present continuous tense
38.   A. is                      B. am                                  C. are                   D. was
Answer: A, be (am, is are) singular uses is, and it’s general opinion about English.
39.   What – said – just – could – you – repeat – you ?
    1          2         3           4          5             6           7
The best arrangement is … .
A.      1-2-3-4-5-6-7
B.      4-5-6-7-1-2-3
C.      4-5-6-1-7-3-2
D.      4-6-5-1-7-2-3
Anser is C, Could you repeat what you just said?
40.   Congratulate – me – success – on – you – your – let !
            1                2            3            4       5          6         7
The best arrangement is … .
A.      7-2-4-6-3-5-1
B.      7-2-1-5-4-6-3
C.      7-3-5-6-2-4-1
D.      7-5-1-2-4-6-3
Answer: B, Let me congratulate you on your success!
41.   Arrange the following sentence to make a good paragraph!
·         My family and I went to park
·         Yesterday was a holiday
·         In the afternoon, we went home
·         We played around and had lunch there
Yesterday was holiday. My family and I went to park. We played around and had lunch there. In the afternoon, we went home.
42.   Change the verbs in the brackets into right form!
On Sunday I (go) … to the village to see my grandma. I (leave) … at eight in the morning. I waited for the bus at the bus stop. Five minutes later a bus came.
On Sunday I went to the village to see my grandma. I left at eight in the morning. I waited for the bus at the bus stop. Five minutes later a bus came.
Note: the activities happed in the past so the verbs in the past form. Simple Past tense
43.   This animal is a sea animal that looks like a large fish with a pointed mouth. It is very intelligent and friendly towards human. This animal is … .
Answer: Dolphin
44.   Arrange the following sentences into a good dialogue!
a.       Yes, I’d be delighted to.
b.      Would you like to join me for a coffee?
c.       Don’t mention it
d.      Thank you for accepting my invitation
Ridha     : Would you like to join me for a coffee?
Rita        : Yes, I’d delighted to
Ridha     : Thank you for accepting my invitation
Rita        : Don’t mention it
45.   Arrange the jumbled words into a correct sentence!
You – little – up – your – at – school – brother – pick – would?
Would you pick up your little brother at school?